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There are old games that are coming out on the 3DS like: Star fox, Star fox is a game that is about ships, fighting,and action Zelda is a game that is about thinking and action,Super Mario land 3D is adventure and fun this is a remade we game called Kirby’s return to dream land it seems early fun!!. I am so psyched that the old games that are being remade so that we can relive playing the games that our parents played and remembered. On the 3DS you can get these old game boy game’s there is this game that is called Kirby in dream land 1,2 and 3. first you go on the 3DS shop and you can search all the game’s you want the game’s I got is Zelda link’s awakening in color this game takes a lot of thinking and it is really fun!and that game is on the game boy, My second one is Super Mario land that is also a lot of thinking and it’s fun it is a lot of thinking cause how to get through the game and how to defeat the boss, The other one is Super Mario Bros. that is like the same as Super Mario Land but newer, and last but not least excite bike that is a tricks and flips game these are really good game’s.
But there is this app on the 3DS and it’s an black and white pokedex and it show all the Pokémon and evolutions and when they get a move for battle.


The newest games that is coming out is super Mario land 3D,Pokemon rumble blast,Luigi’s mansion 2,and Kirby return to dream land. All of them sound awesome I love Nintendo games there all on my Christmas list I wish I can play them all right now!!! comment all your favorite games and I’ll check them out. There are games that came out already that I want like star fox and Zelda in 3D well today I don’t have a lot to say today but I would love to tell you one more thing about pikachus adventure pokepark. Always hit the trees cause sometimes berries and Pokémon fall out of it oh ya i almost forgot that you always hit the white trees.

How many people like Nintendo???: A bunch cause Nintendo is a popular company that is the best-selling game systems and games that’s in my opinion. I play all kinds of games like Mario,Kirby,super smash brawl, and Pokemon. you should try to play all the Nintendo games and if you want to find out about new games that you even heard about make an account and earn some coins. So I’ll talk more tomorrow about more games.

How to be friend with all legendaries in the poke park: first you have to clear all the attractions with every single pokemon.Plus do all the bonus’,bonus’ are goals you have to pass. If you haven’t played this before in my opinion you got to play this it is super fun. I found out that misdreavus’s studio will give you berries for certain pictures. The misdreavus prize (30 berries!) the meeting place prize (20 berries!). These are the misdreavus prize pictures psyduck (beach zone),aimpom (meadow zone),lopunny (granite zone)and ,magby (lava zone). Now this is the meeting place prize pics dragonite (flower zone),pichu (haunted zone),dug trio (cavern zone),cranidos (meeting place),smoochum (iceberg zone),and torterra (meadow zone).By the way the zones I’m talking about is like where all the pokemon and attractions are.

Games that are coming out that I want! I want Super Mario 3D land I heard that it was fun cause one of my moms customers get video games before they come out! I would love to do that.

First I will give you a tour of poke park Pikachus’s adventure.First how to get legendary’s and snowboard,balloons,and surf board.Go to your profile then Go to passwords and put in 78872252 that is the surf board. Then also put in 41695651 that is the snow board.That was the items to use for three attractions,attractions are mini games you have to play so you can get these rocks for the sky pavilion. So to get the legendaries you have to put in 93360553,21154585,16703396,and 88484977.Sorry and I almost forgot this is the balloons code 80373831.

By the way the sky pavilion is where mew and were the rocks need to be so you can save the poke park. How to make friends: you first talk to them and then they ask to be your friend,play chase,battle hide and seek,and quiz you. So far I have 184 friends and there’s 193 friends. So that’s all I am going to give today but tomorrow I will give you More information about the game.