First I will give you a tour of poke park Pikachus’s adventure.First how to get legendary’s and snowboard,balloons,and surf board.Go to your profile then Go to passwords and put in 78872252 that is the surf board. Then also put in 41695651 that is the snow board.That was the items to use for three attractions,attractions are mini games you have to play so you can get these rocks for the sky pavilion. So to get the legendaries you have to put in 93360553,21154585,16703396,and 88484977.Sorry and I almost forgot this is the balloons code 80373831.

By the way the sky pavilion is where mew and were the rocks need to be so you can save the poke park. How to make friends: you first talk to them and then they ask to be your friend,play chase,battle hide and seek,and quiz you. So far I have 184 friends and there’s 193 friends. So that’s all I am going to give today but tomorrow I will give you More information about the game.