How to be friend with all legendaries in the poke park: first you have to clear all the attractions with every single pokemon.Plus do all the bonus’,bonus’ are goals you have to pass. If you haven’t played this before in my opinion you got to play this it is super fun. I found out that misdreavus’s studio will give you berries for certain pictures. The misdreavus prize (30 berries!) the meeting place prize (20 berries!). These are the misdreavus prize pictures psyduck (beach zone),aimpom (meadow zone),lopunny (granite zone)and ,magby (lava zone). Now this is the meeting place prize pics dragonite (flower zone),pichu (haunted zone),dug trio (cavern zone),cranidos (meeting place),smoochum (iceberg zone),and torterra (meadow zone).By the way the zones I’m talking about is like where all the pokemon and attractions are.

Games that are coming out that I want! I want Super Mario 3D land I heard that it was fun cause one of my moms customers get video games before they come out! I would love to do that.