The newest games that is coming out is super Mario land 3D,Pokemon rumble blast,Luigi’s mansion 2,and Kirby return to dream land. All of them sound awesome I love Nintendo games there all on my Christmas list I wish I can play them all right now!!! comment all your favorite games and I’ll check them out. There are games that came out already that I want like star fox and Zelda in 3D well today I don’t have a lot to say today but I would love to tell you one more thing about pikachus adventure pokepark. Always hit the trees cause sometimes berries and Pokémon fall out of it oh ya i almost forgot that you always hit the white trees.

How many people like Nintendo???: A bunch cause Nintendo is a popular company that is the best-selling game systems and games that’s in my opinion. I play all kinds of games like Mario,Kirby,super smash brawl, and Pokemon. you should try to play all the Nintendo games and if you want to find out about new games that you even heard about make an account and earn some coins. So I’ll talk more tomorrow about more games.