There are old games that are coming out on the 3DS like: Star fox, Star fox is a game that is about ships, fighting,and action Zelda is a game that is about thinking and action,Super Mario land 3D is adventure and fun this is a remade we game called Kirby’s return to dream land it seems early fun!!. I am so psyched that the old games that are being remade so that we can relive playing the games that our parents played and remembered. On the 3DS you can get these old game boy game’s there is this game that is called Kirby in dream land 1,2 and 3. first you go on the 3DS shop and you can search all the game’s you want the game’s I got is Zelda link’s awakening in color this game takes a lot of thinking and it is really fun!and that game is on the game boy, My second one is Super Mario land that is also a lot of thinking and it’s fun it is a lot of thinking cause how to get through the game and how to defeat the boss, The other one is Super Mario Bros. that is like the same as Super Mario Land but newer, and last but not least excite bike that is a tricks and flips game these are really good game’s.
But there is this app on the 3DS and it’s an black and white pokedex and it show all the Pokémon and evolutions and when they get a move for battle.