The history of joy sticks been going on forever! The game cube,n64,play station 3,and more. There’s some that I don’t even know it will be cool if I played all the stations. This one game that is on the n64 it is called Mario n64 it is the funnest game on the ds. At my cousin’s they have the n64 system cause they have a day care they have tons of games the ones play the most is Mario kart, Mario n64, and Zelda. This Thanks giving I love going there it takes forever to get there cause I live so far away from them. I am so excited for the new video games Pokémon rumble blast that is a great game. Super Mario 3D land is going to be a blast!! I know it comes out on me and my sisters birthday party cross my fingers to get the game on that day. Mario kart 7 is going to be a good game too i really want those games. Oh I almost forgot on the Wii I also want this game that is called Kirby’s return to dream land!! but my Wii isn’t working and it suck i havent plat it for weeks. So that is all I got today.